Starting from iOS 4.0, Apple completely cut off the support for aging original iPhone EDGE and iPod touch first-generation. Their decision of course was justified because of the low RAM found in these first-gen devices which were released back in 2007.

While iOS 4.2.1 is still available for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G, they are barely capable of running it, and that too without the goodness of multitasking, wallpapers and Folders.

But all is not lost as the iPhone jailbreak community has now come up with a mod, which brings the complete look and feel of iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod touch 1G and 2G. The mod is basically based on the iPhone OS 3.1.3, to replicate the experience of iOS 4 on the first and second generation iPhone and iPod touch.

This custom firmware, dubbed WhiteD00r, includes everything from: wallpapers, new semi transparent dock (and UI), backgrounds, all new icons from iOS 4.x, Voice Control, multitasking, video recording, and more.

Download :

- iPhone 2G Lite Un-Activated No MMS
- iPhone 2G Lite Activated No MMS
- iPhone 2G Full Un-Activated No MMS
- iPhone 2G Full Activated No MMS
- iPhone 3G Lite Un-Activated
- iPhone 3G Lite Activated
- iPhone 3G Full Un-Activated
- iPhone 3G Full Activated
- iPod Touch 1G Lite [Link Down]
- iPod Touch 1G Full
- iPod Touch 2G MB Lite
- iPod Touch 2G MB Full

41 Responses to “Download WhiteD00r Custom iOS 4.2.1 iPhone 2G/3G – iTouch 1G/2G”

  1. how to iNstall the firmware – iPhone 2G Full Activated No MMS to iphone2g

  2. luis duver says:

    thanks a lot ..iphone 2g –update without any problem it s so easy to do ,,just put the iphone in dfu mode using ireb them just open itunes shift and restore …clean and no error …everything ok..thanks iphonerock

  3. karan says:

    i am not able to make folders in full activated no mms on iphone 2g but i was able to make folders in lite version….

  4. dean says:

    what the difference of full and lite

  5. ashik says:

    please somebody tell me, what is best of lite and full? please

  6. ervant says:

    i’m nebie user iphone 2g, how to install ios 4 on my iphone 2g step by step and how to unlock iphone 2g step by step.. please email me at
    thank’s alot…

    • Narendra says:

      If know how to install ios 4 on iphone 2g and to unlock step by step process
      please, send me the information to my mail address

  7. Karthik says:

    I need to upgrade my ipod touch 1st gen to 4.0 or later. which software should i download. pls specify the link here.

    Thank You.

  8. luis duver says:

    i used full avtivated no mms,,,

  9. vinod mathew says:

    iphone u really rocks

  10. joe says:

    Who is the difference in

    - iPhone 3G Lite Un-Activated
    - iPhone 3G Lite Activated
    - iPhone 3G Full Un-Activated
    - iPhone 3G Full Activated

    I’m user Iphone 3G and my actual iOS is crashed.

    Help me please..

  11. Duk says:

    - iPhone 2G Lite Un-Activated No MMS or
    - iPhone 2G Lite Activated No MMS?? which is better? Please reply me guys :)

  12. arjun says:

    i have iphone 2g and my vedio recording is not working help.

  13. legend says:

    iphone 3g full activated vs full un activated. wats the difference ???

  14. pirate rum says:

    hi this is just woow.. i like rocker.
    guys i just want knew how can i install ios 4.0 to my iphone 2G???
    pls give me a replay shortly.
    thnkw u guys..

  15. Jay Cee says:

    file not found on this link or the official page!!

  16. Jay Cee says:

    the link says: This file was either removed by claims of copyright or deleted by the uploader

  17. rhythmah says:

    Pls I want a step by step guide to installing ios 4.2 on iphone 2 email me at

  18. vishak says:

    I want to know how can I upgrade to IOS 4 in Iphone 2g having 3.1.3
    Pls let me know the steps or link
    please help me in this..
    you can mail me

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Harsh Verma says:

    Please i begg forr felp, im unable to download ios 4.0 firmware for my iphone 2g
    Pleease contact me –
    and tell me please i beg !

  20. mehmet says:

    Link is dead :((
    little mouseee

  21. Faraz says:

    Hey !!
    I want to know that how to uprade my iphone 2g with customize ios 4 firmware having 3.13……
    Please give me a link of customize ios 4 firmware for 2G, so i can download it……

    Expecting positive response…
    Regards !!!

  22. Carlos says:

    i have an ipod touch 2g im afraid this wont work can someone please give me details and tell me if this is a good idea id appreciate it thanx!

  23. ricky says:

    plez tel me how to update ma iphone 2g to ios4.0

    send me information to ma email

    • Narendra says:

      If you receive the information about how to update iphone 2g to ios 4.0
      please, send me the information to my mail address

  24. bcanopy says:

    should i need to jailbreak ipod touch 1g to upgrade to ios 4 pleaze help me?

    • BehzadHD says:

      Put your device in DFU Mode
      Run iReb and Select your device from list and run iReb
      Connect your Device to iTunes
      Hold Shift button then click on Restore
      Locate firmware tjat Download from this Post
      Wait for Restoring to new Firmware
      Enjoy ;)

  25. albert says:

    hey.. help me pls.. how do i install the ios 4 on my ipod touch 1 gen.? help me pls..

  26. sameer says:

    hi gays my name is sameer and i want to update my iphone 2g ipsw3.1.3 to 4.1.1
    but i cant can somebody give me link to download ipsw 4.1.1 for iphone 2g

  27. Zulqar nain says:

    how to instal 4.3 in ipod 1g plz help me

  28. ram says:

    i’m ram user iphone 2g, how to install ios 4 on my iphone 2g step by step and how to unlock iphone 2g step by step.. please email me at—>

    thank’s alot…

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