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There is a simple way to update to iOS 5.0.1 without basebande update . easy unlock and jailbreak . Its a untethered jailbreak for all device except iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. This iOS 5.0.1 custom firmware made with Sn0wbreeze v2.9.3 so its an untethered jailbreak .There is same ready custom firmwares with 6.15.00 basebond . if you get iTunes 16XX error use iREB.

Requirements :

1 . Custom firmware for Device :

NOTE 1 : If you have original carrier sim card use unactivated and if you have not use active one.

NOTE 2 : 3Gs users if you have NOT 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, or 06.15.00 baseband download 6.15  customs .


Download custom firmware iPad 1  ————————————————————–> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


Download custom firmware iPhone 4 Verizon  ———————————————–> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


Download custom firmware iPhone 4 GSM /Activated ————————————> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}

Download custom firmware iPhone 4 GSM /Unactivated ———————————> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Activated —————————————-> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}

Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Unactivated ————————————-> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}

Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs - BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated  ———> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}

Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs - BaseBand 6.15.00 / Unactivated  ——> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


Download custom firmware iP0d 3G  ————————————————————> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


Download custom firmware iPod 4  —————————————————————> {Hotfile} – {Mirror}


2- iREB R5 (mac users Should use DFU tab Option in PwnageTool and follow instrument )


Guide :

1. Connect your phone with PC and switch off

2. Open iREB R5 and follow olders

3-After that open itunes and press “Shift + Restore” and choose custom firmware 5.0.1 (Alt + Restore for Mac Users)

it will finish very quickly

4- Install Ultrasn0w from Cydia. you a unlocked iPhone on iOS 5.0.1 if you have iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 with 1.59.00 baseband . if you have iPhone 4 with 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10, 4.10.1 baseband read this How to Unlock iPhone 4 using GEVEY and Gevey Ultra SIM on iOS 5.0.1

WARNING: If you depend on UltraSn0w unlock, you must STAY AWAY from RedSn0w and stock iOS 5.0.1

180 Responses to “iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update”

  1. Dagaloni says:

    My iPhone stuck at the second installation progressbar. I try to reset my iPhone but it stucked again at the same point.

  2. sa7 says:

    Can you put up a different download link? Can’t download from FileSonic because the file is too large…

  3. Rajendra says:

    Anybody checked ultrasn0w 1.2.4 working after jailbreak

  4. chip says:

    Ultrasn0w does not have the Capability to Unlock any Unlockable Baseband on 5.0.1. Have to wait for the Update.

  5. [...] Download iOS 5.0.1 custom firmware iPhone 4 and restore iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 [...]

  6. Orlando Gonzales says:

    my iPone 4 have “error 9″ restore with custom firmware iPhone 4 /Activated, please help the device is dead…!

  7. Vita says:

    Do you mean by this that it is not necessary to change any baseband on an iPhone 3GS for this to work, or do you still have to change those few annoying ones to 6.15.00?

    I don’t understand why there are downloads with 6.15.00 in the title when the post is titled “iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update” so I’ve probably just missed something!

    FYI I have an iPhone 3GS with baseband 05.16.05. I downgraded to a custom iOS 4.1 in order to change baseband to 6.15.00 but baseband seems to have remained the same… Need to unlock it or it’s useless so if anyone has any handy hints, tips or links, I’ll love you forever! In a purely platonic way, you understand…

    • Farbod.3f says:

      if you have unlockable bb , and use this cfws ther is no need to upgrade bb to 6.15
      if you have not , we make cfws with 6.15 bb for you

  8. Juls says:

    my question is: how did you do the custom firmwares??

    for everyone: did it work?

  9. Abdul says:

    Can you please put up hotfile links for both the custom firmwares for iPhone 4? Thanks!

  10. Hi, Ive restore with this custom firmware and my network is always unavalable what should I do ? Download Ultrasnow ? 5.0.1 really sux … Pleaze Help me, I cant unlock it, fix for ultrasnow doesnt work so I try this method ..

  11. soso says:

    hi, i updated today on itunes (restore and update)…i have the gevey sim . What am i suppose to do next ? i’m stuck in “the sim card inserted….” is there a solution for me yet?
    pls reply

  12. fthis says:

    so how are u gonna give us a link to filesonic with a file over 700+mb.. filesonic is only free till 400… ?????????

    • Shogi86 says:

      Buy an account..notr being sarcastic..all good download sites are going filesonic as they hold files longer than say hotfile..its worthj the few bucks a month..since your saving money on games by jailbreaking ,,use that.

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  14. abumaha says:

    pls help have unit 3gs but cant restore with itunes

    bb 6.15 i think no imei no ecci now wlan what can help pls

  15. pseekz says:

    can you please put a different link for the
    custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Activated mega upload etc

  16. [...] to znalazłem TinyUmbrelle (kiedyś coś z tym grzebałem, za czasów 3G) no i ugotowane softy iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update [Tethered Jailbreak] | iPhoneRock Czy takowy soft w ogóle nadaje sie ? W sumie to potrzebuje wgrać na czysto 5.0.1 bez [...]

  17. [...] to znalazłem TinyUmbrelle (kiedyś coś z tym grzebałem, za czasów 3G) no i ugotowane softy iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update [Tethered Jailbreak] | iPhoneRock Czy takowy soft w ogóle nadaje sie ? W sumie to potrzebuje wgrać na czysto 5.0.1 bez [...]

  18. [...] to znalazłem TinyUmbrelle (kiedyś coś z tym grzebałem, za czasów 3G) no i ugotowane softy iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update [Tethered Jailbreak] | iPhoneRock Czy takowy soft w ogóle nadaje sie ? W sumie to potrzebuje wgrać na czysto 5.0.1 bez [...]

  19. freddie46 says:

    hi, i have a iphone 3gs with 6.15 baseband with 4.3.3 new boot. I installed the iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 ios 5.0.1 It is finished the installation but now the iphone doesn’t working is block at the apple screen. help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-((((((((((

  20. Max says:

    I had the same problem with the progress bar, please use the b9d version of Redsn0w (not the latest) and use the “Just Boot” option. This version worked fine with me. (Iphone 4 with 4.3.3. and Gevey)

  21. msa says:

    I’ve an iPhone 3GS with new bootrom and BB 05.16.05. It’s on iOS 5.0 right now.

    Can I download this custom firmware “iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated” and then use ultrasn0w to unlock it??

  22. Elan says:

    Hi. I have a new bootrom iPhone 3GS. Is the update for new bootrom iPhone 3GS iOS 5.0.1 already untethered?
    I’m really looking forward to a reply. Thanks!

  23. Jesse says:

    Does this Custom Firmware mean that I do not need to upgrade to 06.15.00 if I am running baseband 05.16.05 on my 3GS?

    I am running the new bootrom on a non-jailbroken phone and am trying to get this phone working for T-Mobile.

    Would this unlock my phone for iOS5 if I downloaded “Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Activated” above and iREB R4?

    • Jesse says:

      Just a quick follow up…I would love to have my GPS function on my phone so I am weary of updating to 06.15.00, which is why I am asking if I do not need to update my baseband from 05.16.05 to unlock my 3GS. THANKS!

  24. Moffe says:

    Fix the Hotfile links plz, i have to pay to get the file from Filesonic :(

  25. AJ says:

    i downloaded the Custom IPSW to my iPhone 4 with bb 4.10.01 and i restored then my iPhone was stuck in the apple logo and nothing is happening i press the power button and also try iBooty also nothing happened any suggestions ??

    • Behzad.HD says:

      jailbreak your device with redsn0w 0.9.10b3

      • AJ says:

        I Did that but it keep giving me an error then (no successful firmware download after 6000 ms !! giving up)
        What shall i do ?? and i cant also restore the original FW from iTunes its giving me an error 2005 !!

        • MB says:

          I am using an iPhone 4 on 04.10.01, updated to 5.0.1.
          I actually used sn0wbreeze, worked perfectly.
          Then had to try to restore on iTunes a few times before it worked. Activated with no problem, but for some reason I can’t open Cydia.

          (Cydia opens and crashes, but when I go into iExplorer, there is nothing in that /updates folder or in that /lists folder, other than partial. Not sure what I’m supposed to do.)

          Anyone know what to do?

          • nada says:

            u r using a tether jailbreak .. use redsn0w and click on just boot from extras follow steps.. should help

  26. Chris says:

    great idea to upload to filesonic, greetings to the author.
    I guess no one was able to download the file, seems to be a spoof.

  27. tommielag says:

    Can u put up another link to:
    iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated
    I Really need it. Please do this ;)

  28. judjment-day says:

    itunes crashes when i open ireb i don’t know why

    • BehzadHD says:

      that is true
      run ireb (crash automatic itunes)
      put your device in dfu mode and select your device from ireb for PWNAge Mode
      after ending process, close ireb and run itunes & restore to custom firmware ;)

  29. tommielag says:

    BehzadHD please!!! I Beg u put up an link to hotfile on iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated. Please , Please. I Beg you man. I really would appreciate it. Your the best if you do. The other link is to big. Please. Please.

  30. vincent says:

    I”ve got a 3gs, 05.16.05 baseband and ios 5.0.1.
    I can”t make any call : no carrier. (I live in Mexico, my phone is from USA).
    Can I unlock it in USA ?
    How must i do ?


    • Behzad.HD says:

      u should update your basband to 6.15.00
      so restore your device with custom firmware with 6.15.00 basband
      then u can unlock your device with ultrasn0w
      good luck ;)

  31. jonymm says:

    hotfile links to iphone 4 please :)

  32. sssshhh7 says:

    Hi, im user of iphone 3gs ios4.1 6.15bb, im a bit confused here, which custom firmware i should download?

    custom firmware iPhone 3Gs / Activated


    iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated

    Thank you in advance :) really appreciate.

  33. Endy says:

    yes the iphone 4 plz

  34. bber says:

    Hi, I have a 3GS old bootroom, CFW 4.1 with baseband 5.11.07 unlocked with ultrasnow. My shsh are saved until 5.0.1 on Cydia.
    I want to update to 5.0.1 and unlock it. I don’t have the original carrier sim.
    Which CFW I have to download ? Will my BB be updated to 6.15.00 ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  35. raVio says:

    I got 3gs New bootrom. I tried updating to ios 5.0.1, base band 6.15.00
    i got stuck at second progress bar with apple logo :( any suggestion guys??

    • raVio says:

      well iBooty did the trick for me :) but after reboot, the phone again got stuck. I guess it happend because when i restored using custome firmware, by default its tethered Jailbreak. So I again used iBooty again, n installed Corona update. Now its working great.

      But the problem I’m facing now is that even after installing Ultrasn0w, I’m now able to unlock and its still showing NoService :(

  36. edi says:


    that link need password, anyone can tell me what the password?

  37. Simon Jarvis says:

    I originally had 3GS running iOS 5.01 (Jailbreak and Untethered) and had some major issues with performance and eventually could not effectively run safari without the OS locking up. I didn’t have my SHSH blobs other than 4.1 and 5.01 so could only downgrade to iOS 4.1 with BB 6.15. I tried to update again to iOS 5.01 through many many many different custom iOS and none of them worked. I was nearly at wits end when I came across your postings and downloaded iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated (paided for filesonic 30day account) and re-imaged. Downlaoded iBooty 2.3 (link above). After the initial first image attempt, the Apple Mobile Device service crashed so was stuck on the sn0wbreeze progress bar not moving. Restarted the Apple Mobile Device service and then attempted the pawned DFU restore of the custom image. After the image was applied and the phone re-booted, I turned it off (power and home button) then started up in DFU mode again. Ran iBooty 2.3 and booted tethered. Opened cydia and installed ultrasn0w then Corona untethered, then SAM. Re-activated phone in iTunes so I could receive Push Notifications and then rebooted a couple of times and everything is running better than the offical iOS 5.01 from apple on the 3GS. I am so happy that your images worked. You are great!!!!!!!

    • robin says:

      ppl who have iphone 3gs .. you can go head and update to official firmware from itunes.. then get that official firmware from itunes update from ur computer or donwload one from net and put that in a new folder named “Pwanage” along with redsn0w 0.9.10b3 for windows in that same folder .. i did on my windows computer .. dont knw about mac .. so then open redsnow run it.. click on extras then click on 3rd one from bottom “select IPSW” and point to that ios 5.0.1 then click on jailbreak… make sure u turn off ur phone and connect it to computer and close the itunes .. must .. now follow the procedure and when u go to promt to select cydia and ipad baseband 6.15.00.. even if u have 6.15.00 in ur iphone 3gs .. check it again .. and after it finishes .. use this repo http://cydia.xsellize.com to donwload ultrasn0w.. after u download ultrasn0w .. u r good to go u will have unlockd iphone 3gs new bootroom..working for any sim

  38. [...] will DEFINITELY brick your device during 06.15 baseband flash." But, later I found this: iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update [Tethered Jailbreak] | iPhoneRock Title: "iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update". In there, they have downloads [...]

  39. robin says:

    i have iphone 4 firmware 4.3.5 and ios 4.10.01.. i would like to knw ppl who try to update to custom firmware 5.0.1 .. does it work successfully .. because i am using gevey sim unlock .. i like the ios 5 .. lots of cool stuff .. if most of you say yes i will update mine to cumtom .. if no i will wait .. i got screwed once .. on my first iphone 4 i kind of try to do cumtom and messed it up and had to update to 5.0.1 official version ..then had to sold it to someone and get a new one :D .. this one works great with gevey sim but i wud like to do untether jailbreak on ios 5.0.1 .. i am on tether jailbreak on ios 4.3.5 .. kind of pain to do tether .. :D

  40. robin says:

    ppl who have iphone 3gs and looking for unlock ..easy way to unlock is redsn0w.. you can go head and update to official firmware from itunes.. then get that official firmware from itunes update from ur computer or donwload one from net and put that in a new folder named “Pwanage” along with redsn0w 0.9.10b3 for windows in that same folder .. i did on my windows computer .. dont knw about mac .. so then open redsnow run it.. click on extras then click on 3rd one from bottom “select IPSW” and point to that ios 5.0.1 then click on jailbreak… make sure u turn off ur phone and connect it to computer and close the itunes .. must .. now follow the procedure and when u go to promt to select cydia and ipad baseband 6.15.00.. even if u have 6.15.00 in ur iphone 3gs .. check it again .. and after it finishes .. use this repo http://cydia.xsellize.com to donwload ultrasn0w.. after u download ultrasn0w .. u r good to go u will have unlockd iphone 3gs new bootroom..working for any sim

  41. saffiyah says:

    farbod and all the i-genius out there ….HELP…. i have iphone 4 ios 4.0.1 firmware 01.59.00 can u please help me how can i update the ios without updating firmware and then do untethered jailbreak.M USING WIN 7. m not genius like you so plz tell me easy way. thanks in advance

  42. ipoid says:

    Can someone seed these files maybe on a torrent site? i’m not dropping 9 bucks to some grey market d/l site.

  43. [...] the custom f/w iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update [Tethered Jailbreak] | iPhoneRock Jailbreak and Un… have pass for filesonic if u need it m8 __________________ any information provided is for [...]

  44. Bonfanzin says:

    please hotfile link [iPhone 3Gs New Bootrom – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated ]

  45. redhope says:

    can’t download from filesonic
    can someone share them in another site please

  46. [...] Re: 3gs unlock? 90% dont use gps anyway and lm sure he wont mind if u tell him .. l sure u can use irep http://downloads.ih8sn0w.com/iREB-r5.zip and clear history and install custom ipsw on itunes and then ultrasn0w and his done custom f/w here iOS 5.0.1 Custom Firmware without Baseband update untethered Jailbreak | iPhoneRock Jailbreak and Un… [...]

  47. Euzin says:

    Filesonic is not working! Can u guys share in another site?

  48. Ips says:

    I have a 3gs new-bootrom with a 6.15 iPad baseband on 4.1. Now which ipsw file should I download in order to update to iOS 5 while keeping the iPad baseband as I rely on an ultrasnow unlock?? Please help. I don’t wanna brick the device.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. jayman says:

    hey man the 3gs baseband activated link is not working. can you post another one? i dled both files and they wont extract..

    • Behzad.HD says:

      Active Your Device With Redsn0w 0.9.10b5

    • Nick says:

      I have the same problem, I download both part 1 and part 2 of iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com.rar
      from the hotfile link (provided above)

      after downloading, i attempted to un-rar the downloads with both unRarX and The Unarchiver. While extracting it came back with errors;

      “Extracting from /Downloads/iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com_.part1.rar

      Extracting /Downloads/iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com_.ipsw

      Extracting from /Downloads/iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com_.part2.rar

      … iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com_.ipsw
      iPhone_3GS-5.0.1-6.15-active-9A405_iPhoneRock.com_.ipsw – CRC failed
      Unexpected end of archive
      Total errors: 2″

      Please advise…

      • Behzad.HD says:

        rename files to a short title with same names
        example : “3gs.part1.rar” & “3gs.part2.rar”, then extract again
        if problem not fixed wait for new links tomorrow on new upload center for download files in “one part” with .ipsw format
        good luck ;)

  50. toto says:

    custom firmware iPhone 3Gs – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated ———> Hotfile
    corupted,not whole,please,please Fix , thank you

  51. Kuba says:

    Hi, is it possible to upgrade on 5.0.1 from 4.3.3 with jailbreak and with preserved baseband (4.10.01)?

  52. Eni says:

    So i jAilbreaked my iphone with redsnow, can i unlock it with ultrasnow???

  53. usmanjavid says:

    kindly upload all files to mediafire plz plzzzzz plzzzzzz

  54. Ronni says:

    Hello! I have Iphone 3GS with baseband 05.16.05 and IOS 5.0, and I want to unlock can I do that without updating to the ipad baseband? Show how or write it down in detail because I am not so technical please :(

  55. pato says:

    turbobit sucks!!!!

  56. Andy says:


    Everything worked fine..BUT PROBLEM!!!! I opened Cydia..the phone booted..and ALL the Apps (even Text, Phone, Settings, Music) have disappeared!!! HELP!!

  57. Anna says:

    I have a 3GS 5.0.1 modum 05.16.05 and I need my phone unlocked. I moved to a different country and everyone here is saying it can not be unlocked? Help please.

  58. MixProDan says:

    Hey I got an iPhone 4 not jailbroken, but it has Baseband 4.11.08 so I want to know what ispw I have to use to restore it?

  59. levani says:


    I have a problem with my iPhone 3GS 8GB(BB 05.16.05 with new Bootroom).I have purchased it from ebay and it is AT&T.I want to unlock it some people said me that If I insert iPad’s baseband phone will be killed!!!Please give me advice and help me.

  60. A.Raj says:

    I have read all the questions here, but still I dont know weather it’ll work on iphone 3Gs bought after 35th week of 2011 which are 5.0 and BB 05.16.05 new boot rom? I have read that flashing it with ipad BB 6.15 will fry the chip and phone would become a brick. I am waiting for an unlock for more then a month now. Please Please HELP!
    thankyou :)

    • levani says:

      I have same problem but BehzadHD posted little bit information.Please help us and give us step by step instruction.

      • Hairul Azni says:

        I also have this problem..just got one unit iPhone 3gs (BB 05.16.05)..still don’t know which one i should download..
        Should i download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Activated or Unactivated?
        OR i should download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated or Unactivated?
        Please help..i need to jailbreak my 3gs..anyone please give a step by step to solve my problem..

  61. suhit says:

    hii m from india i have iphone 4 with ios 4.3.3 n baseband 4.10.01 and i don know my iphone is factory unlocked as i inserted sim it started working but m confused should i upgrade it to ios 5.0.1 coz if upgraded will my baseband will get update and will it effect my unlock settings whatever it has plzz let me know should i upgrade it ios 5.0.1

  62. Largo Wizz says:

    I have iPhone 4 SU depending on Gevey Simcard Unlock. Formerly it was unlocked & run well on iOS 4.3.3 , but after my brother did a Restore Update directly on iTunes to iOS 5.0.1 my iPhone 4 can’t find the carrier , because the baseband automatically updated to 04.11.08.

    Now – my question is :
    ” Could my baseband turn automatically to 6.15.00 after I restore it with this custom firmware , so I am able to unlock it back with Gevey Simcard ?

    Thank you so-very much for your answer , . . .

  63. tanzil net says:

    jumbofiles is pretty good at downloading these large files, can someone put it on jumbofiles – or ge.tt is a good website

  64. subin says:

    Iphone 3Gs New Bootrom.
    I used ireb r5 to go into DFU mode and used a custom ISPW created by redsnow to update but kept getting error 1600..how to get past it?

    • BehzadHD says:

      if u have ios 5.0.1 shsh, use latest version of tinyubmrella and start tss server then run itunes and restore again (dont forget put on DFU mode and use iREB r5)

  65. charles says:

    I’ve got an iphone 4 with ios 4.0.2 and baseband 01.59.00… can i update mi iphone and if i can, can you tell me how to do it, please???

  66. esteban says:

    hello… I have and iphone 3gs 4.3.3 bb 06.15.00… I have it with jailbreak and ultra snow, I don´t have the original sim card… Am I able to make the upgrade to 5.0.1 without have any problem to unlock it?? Please some one can help me?? I´m new with Iphone and really want to make the upgrade… Thanks

    • Eddy says:

      yes u can… i using same iphone 3gs bb 06.15.00 too, it work… just Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Activated…

  67. Nazim says:

    Hi. I have tried these steps upgrading 4.3.3 to 5.01 but am always getting error 1600 or 3194, please tell me what I am doing wrong?

  68. lak says:

    I have iphone 3Gs version 3.1.3 and 05.12.01 MF. and also its a jailbreak one. but recently some purchased appls are didnt work. this phone is OK with this firmware ????//

  69. longo says:

    I created custom ipsw 5.0.1 with redsn0w 0.9.10b5 tool. When I try to restore in Pwned DFU mode with TinyUmbrella running (since Apple no longer sign 5.01) got an Error 11. I believe it is because iTunes can not find the bbfw file in the custom ipsw? I have “ice3_01.59.00_Boot_02.06.RELEASE.bbfw” which I extracted from the old FW 4.01 ipsw. Can I just add the file into the custom 5.0.1 ipsw? Will it work or will it screw up the restore and the phone?

    I have a locked iPhone 4.
    Baseband: 01.59.00
    Current version: iOS 4.01
    Platform: Win 7 SP1
    Tiny Umbrella 15.0.7
    shsh saved for ios 5.01

    appreciate whatever help or suggestion that can fix the error


  70. hgcma says:

    I have 3gs old bootroom wıth 6.15.00 baseband. I did exactly the steps above but unable to load the custom firmware and the phone is brick.
    What options do I have to restore my Iphone

    • BehzadHD says:

      if your device is old bootrom, can update to ios 5.1 (custom firmware) and use untethered jailbreak
      follow below link :

  71. Farbod.3f says:

    IF you have not SHSH for 5.0.1 you cant restore to this version because iOS 5.1 is released and Apple dont sign old firmwares !

  72. guarionex60 says:

    As my name states I am pretty old but I purchased an Iphone 3gs unlocked and jailbroken I would like to update it to ios 5.1 I have bootrom/firmware 4.1 and my baseband is 6.15 how can I update without bricking my device is there a one shot software that can manage it.or where can I find a step by step guide I’m willing to learn.

  73. [...] SHSH że może coś nie pójść, dlatego nie jestem pewien. I stało się, sciągnąłem http://iphonerock.com/custom-firmwar…oad-06-15.html ten plik ''Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs /Unactivated'', zrobiłem jak kolega napisał z [...]

  74. djDangerBurgers says:


    I am a little confused about the whole baseband thing and haven’t had much luck educating myself through Google. I have an iPad1 (wifi only, no 3G) with ios 4.3.1 (8G4) and I have the 5.0.1 SHSH blobs saved (retrieved from Cydia using TinyUmbrella). I thought I was all good to go but then the baseband thing came up and now I’m confused. So, a few questions:

    1) Is the baseband issue still relevant to iPads which are wifi only and do not make use of 3G network?.

    2) If the answer to (1) is ‘no’, can I simply procede with restoring to ios 5.0.1 (stock Apple version) using TinyUmbrella for SHSH etc?

    3) If the answer to (1) is ‘yes’, am I correct in thinking that I will need to restore using the custom 5.0.1 supplied above?

    4) If I do need to use the custom 5.0.1, is it o.k to jailbreak using redsnow instead of ultrsnow? (There seem to be mixed reports in the comments section).

    5) Lastly, is there anything I have completely overlooked, or perhaps some important implications of using the custom firmware (or redsnow/ultrasnow) which may limit my options in the future?

    Thanks heaps for taking the time to read this. Sorry about making it such a novel!


  75. Faukeee says:

    hi i want to ask. i have this FW in my iPhone 4 and when is some notisfaction from facebook and other application it cant show on homescreen. iMessage doesnt work and Facetime too. Do you have some problemm too? Thanks

  76. Very good dude you the smartest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. UD says:

    Bro i have iphone 4 with firmware 5.0.1 and baseband 4.11 and my phone locked. so plz tell me is this possible to downgrade my baseband to open my phone and then use 5.0.1 with custom firmware. PLz PLZ tell me

  78. mend says:

    i have downloaded custom firmware iPhone 3Gs – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated but i cant extract them (part 1 and part 2). please help me.

  79. diana says:

    i hope someone can help me out here.

    i have a 3gs with simlock with 6.15 bb on 4.2.1 fw and used tethered with redsnow.
    i dont know why, but i cant get boot tethered to work now… used to work for 2years:(

    planed to update the fw now. which fw supports 6.15bb and is unlockable, preferably untethered

    is this right? am a bit confused
    “”””Download custom firmware iPhone 3Gs – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated “”””

    thanks in advance

  80. FiDo says:


    Problem with “iPhone 3Gs – BaseBand 6.15.00 / Activated” files.

    I tried to extract with several archivers, but it seems that files are corrupt.

    WinRar shows that “part2″ is corrupt but 7Zip shows – “part1″ is corrupt, therefore I dont know which file is wrong. However I downloaded several times both of files, but the problem still exist.

    Can You provide links to working files?

    Thanks in dvance!

  81. Mylo says:

    I have 3GS 3.1.3 jailbroken unlocked BB 05.12.01 I would like to upgrade on 5.0.1. What I need to do? Only to download your “3gs custom firmware-activated” and to upgrade over iTunes(restore button+shift)? Is that all?

  82. iki says:

    can we use this costum ipsw for downgrade ??
    mine ios 5.1 , bb 5.16 ..

  83. iki says:

    error 3194 , try to restore using 3gs costum 6.15bb unactive..
    already fix gs.apple.com redirect to cydia..
    when try tiny umbrella cannot start tss..

    please help , cannot pass error 3194

  84. Ran says:

    all links are dead, missing me 2 parts of ios 5.0.1 on, please could re upload? Thanks

  85. spiderpixies says:

    can u pretty please with cherry on top upload the iphone 4 5.0.1 no BB ipsw again? When I click on the link it says empty directory. Thanks a bunch!!

  86. doods says:

    mirror pls. with resume capability

  87. benez says:

    i cant dowload ios5.0.1 custommade file can u please help me dowload

  88. Suman says:

    Hi everybody, I have an iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1 bb 6.15.00 which is suddenly turned off and i can’t turn it on again. I have tried to update, restore to custom ios 5.0.1 using ireb, tinyumbrella and others. I am facing itunes error 1600 and error 3194 while using tinyumbrella (or modifying host file). Can anyone help me to switch on the iphone? Please Help me.

  89. Karan says:

    Hey, I read all through you post and all of the comments above. This is just a reconfirmation since these posts are old and i want to be double sure since i just have one shot at this. So i have itunes 10.6 with iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 baseband 4.10.01.
    1. I am relying on a Gevey unlock right now.
    2.So do you suggest i should update my ios to 5.0.1?
    3. and if yes after restoring the device from the custom firmware 5.0.1 do you need to jailbreak the device and with what?
    4. will the gevey still work?

    Thank you for all the help!

    • Karan says:

      okay i cant restore using the custom firmware it keeps saying this iphone cant be restored. what do i do?

  90. phreaks1 says:

    does update to iOS 5.0.1 without basebande update (custom firmware iPhone 4 GSM /Activated )really work on iphone 4 Version 4.3.3 (8J2) and 04.10.01 with gevey sim and Cydia? (phone comes from South Korea) have fear to broke my Iphone , can you answer pls , thx,

  91. umbc says:

    awesome thanks exactly what i was looking for

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